Norfolk Flag Flies From County Top

Of the 52 County Tops of England and Wales only Beacon Hill, Norfolk has a flag pole. On Friday I hoisted the Norfolk flag from this very flag pole for the first time.

Norfolk Flag

The empty flag pole can be seen in the background.

Norfolk Flag

Will the Norfolk flag now be flown more regularly from Beacon Hill?

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Tripoint 6 – County Durham – Cumberland – Northumberland

The tripoint of County Durham, Cumberland and Northumberland  is the watershed on Slate Hill, Nenthead. In the photo below the tripoint can be seen at the post to the left of the photo. A cairn is slowly being built to the right of the post as the land around the post is being eroded. Cumberland is to the top left, Northumberland top right and County Durham to the bottom of the photo.

Tripoint 6

Tripoint 6

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Tripoint 5 – Lancashire – Westmorland – Yorkshire

The tripoint of  Lancashire, Westmorland and Yorkshire is marked by the county stone. In the photo below Yorkshire is to the right of the wall (the largest part of course), Westmorland is to the top left and Lancashire the bottom left.

Tripoint 5

Tripoint 5 West Riding and Yorkshire flags

Tripoint 5Lancashire, West Riding, Yorkshire and Westmorland flags

Tripoint 5My bed for the night in Yorkshire

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Tripoint 4 – Cumberland – Lancashire – Westmorland

The tripoint of Cumberland, Lancashire and Westmorland is at Wrynose Pass and is marked by the Three shire stone. In the photo below my car is parked in Westmorland and the hill beyond my car is all in Westmorland. Lancashire is to the right of the three shire stone and Cumberland is to the left, of the stone.

Tripoint 4

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Tripoint 3 – Cumberland – Northumberland – Roxburghshire

The tripoint of Cumberland, Northumberland and Roxburghshire is where the watershed of the Kershope Burn at Scotch Knowe divides Cumberland and Northumberland. Roxburghshire is to the north. In the photo below the tent is in Roxburghshire.

Tripoint 3

Tripoint 3

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Tripoint 2 – Berwickshire – Northumberland – Roxburghshire

The tripoint of Berwickshire, Northumberland and Roxburghshire is where the Carham Burn meets the River Tweed. In the photo below the tent is in Roxburghshire, to the right is Northumberland and across the River Tweed is Berwickshire.

Tripoint 2

Tripoint 2

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Caithness Flag Competition Debacle

Today I have learnt that of the 327 entires for the Caithness Flag competition none met with the approval of the judging panel as:

The designs, which were recently short-listed by a judging panel, have ideas extracted from more than one entry

Caithness 4 (2)

The Highland Council and Lord Lyon appear to have disregarded all 327 designs from the public and offered their four designs for the public to vote on. Why have a competition?

Having organised flag competitions for:

  1. East Riding
  2. North Riding
  3. West Riding
  4. County Durham
  5. Cambridgeshire

I can never condone such conduct towards designers.

Email To The Highland Council

—– Original Message —–

From: Andy Strangeway


Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2015 9:34 AM

Subject: Caithness Flag Competition Debacle

Dear David,

Could I please refer you to

As I believe the Caithness flag competition has been hijacked from the 327 flag designers by the Highland Council I would like to register a complaint against the Highland Council.

In addition I request that you discuss my complaint with Lord Lyon at the earliest opportunity.

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

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