Where is Yorkshire?

I was born in Yorkshire and I have lived here all of my life. I know exactly where the county of five million is but surprisingly very few do.
The most northerly parts, south of Cow Green Reservoir, are nearly always omitted from maps unfortunately this includes the highest point of Yorkshire Mickle Fell. Most people believe that Tees Bay north of Middlesborough is the most northerly point of Yorkshire not Tykes Way. Saying that many believe Middlesborough is not even in Yorkshire.
Three weeks ago while visiting a local Tesco store on Clifton Moor, York I was pleased to see that they are promoting Yorkshire suppliers but disappointed to note that the map of Yorkshire was incorrect. I have written to Tesco and I am informed that they will correct the matter.
Personally I believe Tesco should promote the true Yorkshire on August 1st, Yorkshire Day, across all of their Yorkshire stories.
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