No Overnight Parking

It is not surprising that Visit Scotland have made no comment about the No Overnight Parking signs. When Inspector Paterson of the Northern Constabulary is saying that it is not safe to park in these lay-byes at night across the North of Scotland the question must be “Why is it safe to park in every lay-bye across England at night but not in lay-byes across sparsely populated Northern Scotland?”

Perhaps there is a mad axe man on the loose that the unsuspecting tourist is not being informed of? Why is it not safe to park at night when there is no traffic but it is safe during the day when there is traffic?

Looking at the words entered to visit this very blog it must be of great concern to Visit Scotland that the words “Scotland No Overnight Parking” were entered into a German search engine. What is the cost to the Tourism industry of these signs?

Talking of cost there is little wonder that Transport Scotland and The Highland Council have failed to disclose the number of No Overnight Parking signs as they cost £500 each, times this by a modest estimate of just 200 signs that is £100,000 of wasted tax payers money. I am certainly happy that my council tax is not paying for them.

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