No Overnight Parking – The Saga Continues

Following the announcement on June 6 that No Overnight Parking signs are to be removed everyone thought that all No Overnight Parking signs would be removed. This is not the case.

Questions started to be asked when only 69 signs were identified to be removed as many, including myself, thought this number exceedingly low.

Amazingly the signs to be removed are only those on trunk roads!

Until this morning it appears no action was in place to remove the vast amount of No Overnight Parking signs on none trunk roads despite Transport Scotland stating “Instructions have been issued to our Operating Companies to remove ‘No Overnight Parking’ signs from trunk roads in Scotland but further action on local roads would be for our colleagues in Transport Policy Directorate to consider”

Questions must be asked why one department of Transport Scotland is not talking to the other and why Transport Scotland have not instructed councils to remove all No Overnight Parking signs not just those on trunk roads.

I have emailed the Transport Policy Directorate and Highland Council requesting the removal of all No Overnight Parking signs. In addition I have requested to be informed as to the number and locations of such signs across the Highlands.

The Highland Council have responded: “We will need to review and will get back to you”

Could it be that the reason there has been no “instructions” to remove all the signs is that then the true cost would be known?

I guesstimate that at least 200 No Overnight Parking signs are to be found across the Highland Council area alone. When you consider that each sign costs £500 we can easily work out that over £100,000 has been wasted.

It gets worse.

I am also aware of “No Unattended Parking” signs on the A941. Another email requesting the removal of these signs has been sent to Moray Council.

How many more illegal signs exist on Scottish roads? Why is the Scottish Government not taking the lead and calling for an enquiry?

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