Nights in my Bivy Bag

I arrived back home on Monday following four diverse nights in my bivy bag in various remote locations.

This photo above was taken on the first night just after midnight on the top of a mountain in the Snowdonia National Park at a height of approximately 900m. As can be seen I am bedded down on rock, which is a regular occurrence these days. A vital piece of my kit is the “multi mat” which at £10 is a bargain.

Some may ask why I do what I do, perhaps the following photo, which is of the sunset on my fourth night atop of another mountain at around 800m in the Brecon Beacons National Park

and this photo of the sunrise the following morning may explain better than my words can.

Many have experienced glorious sunrises and watched the mist roll off the tops of the high mountains but few ever experience the two together. To watch the white mist turn red as it went across the early morning sun was an awesome sight to watch.

Even with my ageing bones any discomfort I experience is more than made up for by such rewards. The photo above is of the 60th morning I have awoken in remote locations in my bivy bag. As I regularly experience such awesome beauty in the remote locations I hope my health allows me to continue in my hobby for many years.

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