Yorkshire’s Cultural Heritage

There has been a lot of press coverage about how “if Yorkshire were a country” at the Olympics but in truth Lancashire topped them I expect the Yorkshire Post will not mention the topic again!!

It is rather ironic that Welcome To Yorkshire jumped on the bandwagon to say how great Yorkshire is and as a direct result questions are now being asked as to whether they themselves actually understand where Yorkshire truly is as the map they use excludes parts of Yorkshire but includes parts of Lincolnshire. Perhaps the following may assist:

Yorkshire – The Facts
  1. The Yorkshire Three Peaks are not the highest three mountains in Yorkshire. I believe they are number 2,3 and 9.
  2. Mickle Fell is the highest point of Yorkshire.
  3. Middlesbrough is part of Yorkshire.
  4. Yorkshire is 1,137 years old.
  5. No part of Lincolnshire is part of Yorkshire.
  6. The River Tees forms the northern boundary of Yorkshire.
  7. This is a true map of Yorkshire

Would VisitScotland use a map that included parts of Northumberland but excluded Ben Nevis, Shetland and Corrachadh Mor (Westernmost point of the Scottish mainland)? I ask this because the map Welcome To Yorkshire uses to promote Yorkshire includes parts of Lincolnshire but excludes Mickle Fell (below), Middlesbrough and Greave Clough Head (Westernmost point of Yorkshire).

As I believe that the use of a map that is not of Yorkshire by Welcome To Yorkshire is both an insult and detrimental to our Yorkshire cultural heritage I believe Welcome To Yorkshire should start to use a map that reflects the true Yorkshire.

For my part I now intend to dedicate more of my time to preserving my Yorkshire cultural heritage. I started this back in May when I founded the East Riding of Yorkshire Society

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