No Overnight Parking – The Irony of Success

Today, the motion to remove No Overnight Parking signs was carried 12 votes to 8. It was felt that there could be a possible legal challenge that they would lose.

For those who took their places in today’s meeting I can confirm that there would have been a legal challenge and they would have lost!!

Questions must be asked about elected members who, although they were advised by their legal team and Transport Scotland, 8 voted against the immediate removal of the illegal signs.

Those who study the subject of irony would have been fascinated with Councillor A. Henderson’s comment when he stated that I was “anti-establishment“. What would Councillor Henderson like to suggest a Councillor should be called who did not want illegal road signs removing immediately?

The Masters Degree in Irony, without honours, goes to Councillor Henderson.

I will add the meeting link in coming days for fellow students of irony.

This brings my total of illegal No Overnight Parking signs removed to over 300. Is this a record?

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