Yorkshire Best For UK Holiday

Yorkshire has been named the UK’s best holiday destination, beating off competition from other counties including Cornwall and Devon.

Future Adventures – I am currently researching my next major adventure. The UK still holds plenty of exciting firsts!

No Overnight Parking Signs – It is good to read that the Highland Council are getting on with the job: “Heading through Skye yesterday on route to Broadford I noticed that two of these signs, only recently erected near the Sconser ferry terminal, have been removed Questions must be asked why the council wasted money recently erecting signs in full knowledge of my legal challenge.

Campaigns – I am currently involved in various campaigns, at this stage I think it best they are kept out of the public domain.

County Top Challenge – I will be giving my first lecture this Saturday at the Association of British Counties members meeting.  As part of the lecture I will reveal my top 12 county tops.

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