County Boundary Signs – Bedfordshire Council

In 2009 Bedfordshire County Council (BCC) ceased to exist and Bedfordshire boundary signs which marked the BCC boundary were removed and sold on Ebay for £6 

Like a shepherd gathering in his sheep one was forgotten on the hills or in the case of Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) a Bedfordshire road sign was left on the M1 Northbound. This sign cost over £2,000 to erect, will cost a similar sum to remove and will result in part of the M1 being closed. A £4,000 investment with a £6 return is the type of return on investment we expect from our bankers not our councils.

Of course in time CBC will be replaced by a new council and further money will be wasted. To those who prefer not to waste tax payers money marking our historic boundaries is the obvious solution or should we continue to invest £4,000 to receive a £6 return?

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