East Riding of Yorkshire Motorway Signs

Legislation allows County Councils to mark their boundaries on motorways but Unitary Authorities are not permitted to mark their boundaries on motorways.

East Riding of Yorkshire - M18 J6-7

The sign above, which is on the M18, was erected by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) which is a Unitary authority!

They have also erected a similar sign on the M62. Each sign costs £4,000 to erect and remove from a motorway making a total of £8,000 wasted on signs by the council who I pay my council tax to.

Rest assured my council is not the only one who appears to have no knowledge of road sign legislation. The following councils are also Unitary Authorities and have erected boundary signs on their motorways:

  1. Durham – A1(M)
  2. Herefordshire – M50
  3. Monmouthshire – M4
  4. Shropshire – M54
  5. Wiltshire – M4
  6. Carmarthenshire – M4

The 11 signs have wasted £44,000 of council tax. Who is looking forward to next years council tax bill?

I have submitted complaints to each council requesting the removal of the illegal road signs.

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