Ridings Flags Competitions Update

Purchasing Ridings Flags

Many have enquired where Ridings flags can be purchased. A flag company has already agreed to stock the flags as soon as they appear on the UK Flag Register. I will order the first 50 for each Riding as an advanced shipment. Further details will be available in due course.

East Riding

The competition for the East Riding flag closes this evening. The creativity shown has amazed me. The panel of judges will certainly have a difficult task selecting the six finalists for the public vote.

North Riding

The attention of those who are interested in designing flags now turns to the North Riding flag. The competition for the North Riding has only 10 days remaining. I am currently in the process of organising the panel of judges for the North Riding flag.

West Riding

Although the competition for the West Riding does not close until Tuesday 26 February I have already received designs. The panel of judges is almost fully in place with the date and venue already agreed.

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