A Map For The East Riding

While organising the East Riding flag competition I have been surprised to learn that most folk are unaware of the East Riding boundary. It could be said that this is understandable as currently no modern map of the East Riding exists.

East Riding Map

Over the past month I have been working with my good friend, map maker, Brady Ells to produce such a map. The map above is a very basic draft of the one Brady will produce for the East Riding. In addition he plans to produce maps for the North Riding, West Riding and Yorkshire. They will be produced in A2.

The map below is one Brady produced for Sussex.

Sussex Map

A few pointers/questions:

  1. The title may be changed to Yorkshire – East Riding.
  2. The map will include all the new Ridings flags.
  3. Do we have a motto in the East Riding? (careful!)
  4. Is the white rose the flower of the East Riding?
  5. What else should appear on the map?
  6. Each map will only cost approximately £10 plus p&p

Feedback is welcome info@island-man.co.uk

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