Bivy Bag Nights – The Cheviot

Of the 67 Bivy Bag Nights I have experienced 38 have never been mentioned in the public domain. All 38 are county tops of England and Wales which were part of my challenge to sleep on the summit of all 52 county tops of England and Wales. I am giving the information out in a style that others may use to visit these county tops and perhaps a few will consider spending a night on the summit.

The Cheviot, the county top of Northumberland, is one of the bleakest nights I have enjoyed in my bivy.

  • County: Northumberland
  • Hill: The Cheviot
  • Height (ft): 2674
  • Height (m): 815
  • Grid Reference:NT9090420522
  • Dates Slept On: 14/15 October 2011

The Cheviot

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