Illegal Shropshire Sign To Be Removed

I am pleased to announce that today I received notice that my campaign to have the illegal Shropshire Council boundary sign removed from the M54 was successful:

“…we plan to remove the sign next time planned works with appropriate traffic management are undertaken in this location.”

When this will be is not stated.

East Riding of Yorkshire - M18 J6-7

Following on from this I have requested that my complaints regards the following are revisited on the same basis: A Unitary authority cannot mark their administrative boundaries on a Motorway only County councils can.

  1. Bedfordshire – M1(there is no Bedfordshire council)
  2. Durham – A1(M)
  3. East Riding of Yorkshire – M18 and M62 (These signs are already proved to be illegal)
  4. Wiltshire – M4
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