East Riding Flag Unfurling

I am pleased to announce that the East Riding flag will be unfurled for the first time at Beverley Minster on Thursday 18 April at 10.15am, after which it will be hoisted from the top of the Minster.

Beverley Minster

If anyone would like to attend please email me: info@island-man.co.uk

East Riding Flag

I will take delivery of the first East Riding flag on Friday. A hand-made flag costs £78. After the unfurling I will provide contact details of the flag manufacturer for those who would like to purchase a hand-made flag.

Once the flag appears on the UK Flag Registry flag manufacturers will stock printed flags. These are expected to be available in around two months, they will cost approximately £5 to £7. Once flag manufacturers have the flags in stock I will add the information to the East Riding Flag page.

East Riding Boundary Walk

Shortly after the unfurling I will walk the first East Riding flag around the East Riding boundary in four stages. If anyone would like to join me at any stage of the walk for a short or longer distance please email me: info@island-man.co.uk

West Riding Flag Vote

There is still time to vote for the West Riding flag.

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