East Riding Flag – Winning Design

I am pleased to announce that the winning design of the East Riding flag competition was designed by Trevor and Thomas Appleton (a father and son), from Kirkburn, East Riding.

East Riding Flag Design D

The flag is described as: “The white rose is displayed in the East Riding style. The blue represents the sea and the maritime activities. The green represents the rich agricultural land.” Additionally, the blue hoist colour signifies the East Riding’s connection to the whole of Yorkshire whilst the green is placed towards the fly to represent its position in the east of the county.

The flag was unfurled this morning at Beverley Minster by myself and the Lord-Lieutenant. The unfurling was attended by the Lord- Lieutenant, the Vice Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council. At the unfurling my address outlined the background to the East Riding flag.

Although the Lord Mayor of Hull City Council was unable to attended the unfurling he provided the following statement: “happy to note that the East Riding is recognised with its own flag”.

The Lord Mayor of the City of York Council sent his best wishes for an enjoyable and successful event and unfurling.

The flag will remain on Beverley Minster for the next few days and return the following week to allow everyone the opportunity to see our new flag.

Purchasing East Riding Flags

The first East Riding flag was made by Flying Colours of Knaresbrough. Printed and hand-made East Riding flags can now be purchased from them.

World Flag Shop expect delivery of polyester economy East Riding flags around Wednesday 8 May. They will be 5ft x 3ft and cost – £6.25 + p&p

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