World War One in Yorkshire

I am pleased to be informed by the Durham County Record Office that as part of the WW1 in County Durham project: “The interactive mapping website will make it quite clear which civil parishes were in County Durham and Yorkshire North Riding in WW1.” In addition: “None of the information is exclusively reserved to this project and any WW1 centenary project covering all or any part of Yorkshire, 100 years ago or now, will be able to draw on the same material.”

Mickle Fell - Warcup Range

The area under discussion contains Mickle Fell, the highest point of Yorkshire, which is a major part of the Warcop Military Firing Range and as such has significant links to WW1.

I have requested the following information regards the WW1 in Yorkshire project: “Could you please confirm that the northernmost area of the North Riding of  Yorkshire which is administered by Durham County Council will be covered in the  WW1 in Yorkshire project?” 

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