County Durham Flag – Flag Confusion

As part of my challenge to sleep on the summit of all 52 county tops of England and Wales I spent a night on the summit of Burnhope Seat, County Durham. As part of this adventure if the county had a registered flag I took this to the summit. If there was not a registered flag I took the nearest alternative with me.

County Durham - Burnhope Seat

As County Durham had and still does not have, a registered flag I took the flag of Durham County Council to the summit.

The flag depicted is a banner of arms (i.e. the coat of arms in flag form) of Durham County Council – as constituted since 1974. This armorial banner is the property of the council as the armiger or arms holder, it is not the county flag nor does anyone other than the armiger have the right to fly it (although many have including myself). It might be further noted that the design includes a white rose at the centre to indicate that portion of Yorkshire which was assigned to the Durham administration in 1974 – this highlights the fact that the banner is a council emblem not reflective of the actual county of Durham, as an entity in its own right.

In addition the Durham County Council administrative area does not include Sunderland, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Darlington or Stockton-on-Tees so even if the council permitted the people to use the flag it would not represent these places which are fundamental parts of County Durham

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