City of York Flag – City of York Terminology

Understanding where the City of York is can be a confusing affair. Driving on the A166 from Stamford Bridge to York you are “Welcomed to the City of York”. Alas the outskirts of York is 3.5 miles away and the City of York itself is 5 miles away.

Welcome to the City of York Council area

What the above sign should say is “Welcome to the City of York Council area”. If you follow the A166 and continue onto Hull Road you will come to Walmgate Bar the Gateway to the East Riding and also the City of York depending on the direction of approach.

Walmgate Bar

City of York Terminology

City of York – Pre-existed the Shire and the Ridings which were based on it. Almost 2000* years old. Separate from the three Ridings and wholly within the walls.

*This is treating “Jorvik” as a continuous evolution from “Eboracum”.

York – The continuous built-up urban area including formerly separate villages.

City of York Council area – A unitary authority area which includes York and rural areas beyond the built-up area. In 2001 the urban area had a population of 137,505 while in 2010 the entire unitary authority had an estimated population of 202,400. The City of York Council area has existed since 1996.

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