No Overnight Parking – Durness

Last year I successfully campaigned to have over 300 illegal No Overnight Parking signs removed from lay-bys in the Highlands. This was in two stages, with Transport Scotland in June and the Highland Council in September. After nearly a year some signs still remain, most notably in the village of Durness.

No Overnight Paking

Over the past few weeks my investigations have resulted in the following:

  • The Highland Council issuing the statement “I think it would be very unlikely that Council Staff would move any camper on from an overnight stay at the roadside”  to a member of the public. As council staff have no right to move those parking overnight in lay-bys I requested this statement be addressed. This was addressed in Mr Guest’s Statement
  • I made a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request for “Information held by the Highland Council with regards No Overnight Parking signs and parking in the Durness area?” My request was not answered in what I believe to be a breach of FOI legislation. After over a month I still await my request being addressed. Again I believe this to be in breach of FOI legislation.
  • Richard Guest, Head of Roads & Community Works, Highland Council informed me that “remaining signs will be removed when operatives are working in the vicinity” This is rather strange as signs outside the village have been removed. Could the fact that there is a camp site in the village have any reason for the delay in removing signs in the village?
  • As a direct result of this statement by Mr Guest I have made the following FOI request: “I would like to request any information held by the Highland Council with regards operatives working in the vicinity of Durness since September 2012”. My request still awaits a response.
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