Council Snub New Flag on East Riding Day?

Despite numerous emails to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) since June 4 it appears they will fail to make any arrangements to fly the East Riding flag on East Riding Day, August 24, in what appears to be a snub to our cultural heritage. The first time the ERYC even bothered to respond to my emails was on August 8 to inform me that “the Civic Officer is on leave until Monday, 19th August 2013”.

East Riding Flag

As the council, who hijacked the name East Riding in 1996, appear to have no respect for the cultural heritage of the East Riding I have emailed Mr Malcolm Sims, ERYC Director of Corporate Resources, requesting his immediate intervention.

Ironically, whilst the new East Riding flag will be flown over the Secretary
of State’s Office, Department for Communities and Local Government (HQ of Local Government), Eland House, London on East Riding Day, it appears that the East Riding flag will not be flown in the East Riding by our own council.

However, in the North Riding there will be an Official North Riding Day and Civic Lunch for North Riding Day, August 22, hosted by the Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council.

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