Dornoch Beach Car Park

In No Overnight Parking Signs – Review, I explained that the Highland Council are going to carry out a review into No Overnight Parking Signs. As stated I have emailed Mr Gillies, Highland Council Director of Transport Environmental and Community Services, my opinions and requested his intervention.

The following explains all four aspects of my email to Mr Gillies

Dornoch Beach Car Park No Overnight Parking

beach car park

“The main concern was that as there are no facilities on site, this could lead to a potential for pollution of the local scenic area.” A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) can not be used for something that “could lead to a potential“. A TRO can only be used for an issue not something that could lead to a potential issue. I believe this to be unacceptable and a misuse of TRO legislation.

Under the Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation I have made a FOI request for all information held by the Highland Council regards raising a TRO to prevent overnight parking in the Dornoch Beach Car Park.

My reason for this is that according to  The Northern Times the TRO is on the request of a camp site owner who has a camp site next to the car park. A TRO should not be used to further business interests yet the BBC reported on Friday that the original signs ” had also been intended to support the local economy by encouraging tourists to make use of the commercially operated caravan sites in the region.” 

As I believe the attempt to raise a TRO for Dornoch Beach Car Park is a misuse of TRO legislation I have objected to the raising of a TRO, requested a copy of the proposed TRO, and requested a copy of the proposed signs for the TRO.

Durness Questions

My questions have remained unanswered for 24 working days

Question 1 – All of the signs outside of Durness have been removed but those in Durness remain. As a direct result of these signs a member of the public parking overnight has been forced to experienced “unwelcome attention”. The Highland Council informed the gentleman that “I think it would be very unlikely that Council Staff would move any camper on from an overnight stay at the roadside”.

As council staff have no legal right to remove members of the public from parking overnight in a lay-by I objected to the issuing of this statement.

This was later retracted by the statement “I can confirm that staff have been instructed not to attempt to move on any motorists parked in laybys.”

To date the man has not received an apology for been supplied with the false statement.

Question 2 – As to date the signs remain in Durness I requested to be informed when they would be removed.

Question 3 – To say the  “remaining signs will be removed when operatives are working in the vicinity” is a mockery when the signs outside of Durness have been removed.

Durness Freedom of Information Request

My request was “I would like to request any information held by the Highland Council with regards operatives working in the vicinity of Durness since September 2012”

I made the request as I believe operatives have worked in Durness since September 2012. In breach of FOI Legislation the Highland Council have failed to address my FOI request after 24 working days.

Highland Council No Overnight Parking Signs Review.

Under the FOI legislation I made a request for all information held by the Highland Council regards the No Overnight Parking Review and I request that my opinions be submitted to the review.

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