Dornoch Beach Car Park – Photos Speak The Truth

The camera never lies. The photos below are reproduced by kind permission of Nic.

car park to caravan park

The above photo is of Dornoch Beach Car Park. Not a camper van in site but there are dustbins for public use and what a surprise there is a caravan site next door. Last night at 23.40 there was only 1 car in the car park.

beach car park

The cars parked on the grass verge are not in the car park. The Road Traffic Act 34(3) states “It is not an offence under this section to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on any land within fifteen yards of a road, being a road on which a motor vehicle may lawfully be driven, for the purpose only of parking the vehicle on that land.”

As such the cars parked on the grass verge are doing so legally. If the Highland Council bring in a TRO for the car park the option to park on the grass verge in the same way will be open to all motor homes and caravans.

signs in beach car park

The council is stating the reason for introducing a TRO to the car park is “The main concern was that as there are no facilities on site, this could lead to a potential for pollution of the local scenic area.” Less than 500 metres away is a toilet!

public toilets down road

Wonderful modern toilet and the “solution” to the issue that does not exist.

I will forward all this evidence to Neil Gillies, Highland Council Director of Transport Environmental and Community Services.

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