Dornoch Beach Car Park – Meadow Park Road Car Park

Over recent weeks the Highland Council have attempted to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for Dornoch Beach Car Park. They have stated “The main concern was that as there are no facilities on site, this could lead to a potential for pollution of the local scenic area.” Translated this means there is no issue but as there are no facilities on site, this could lead to a potential issue!! The photo below is of Meadow Park Road Car Park, Dornoch.

Meadow Park Road Car Par, Dornoch

NB: The Highland Council “No Overnight Parking” sign. It is believed that this sign is in breach of legislation as:

  • The sign itself is in breach of legislation.
  • Residents and visitors have a legal right to park in the car park “overnight”.

It is rather ironic that it is the Highland Council not owners of motorhomes who are the ones who appear to be in breach of legislation regards parking in Dornoch. In addition I believe Dornoch residents are being illegally prevented from parking in the Meadow Park Road car park by the activities of the Highland Council.

A complaint has been registered with the Highland Council, via Neil Gillies, Highland Council Director of Transport Environmental and Community Services, requesting the immediate removal of the No Overnight Parking sign in Meadow Park Road car park to allow Dornoch residents and visitors to park overnight in the car park as per their legal right.

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