Unenforceable Fangfoss 20mph “Speed Limit”

In 2006, in my neighbouring village of Fangfoss, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) introduced a 20mph zone. Following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request I now have evidence that the “speed limit” is unenforceable and as such the speed limit becomes 40mph as there are no 30mph signs in place where the limit starts. Ironically the ERYC in their attempt to lower the speed limit have succeeded in increasing it! The following is supported by this 293 page document Fangfoss 20mph – Freedom of Information Request.

Fangfoss 20mph Zone

The Facts

  1. The advertised 20mph “speed limit” in Fangfoss cannot be enforced.
  2. Humberside police do not enforce the speed limit in 20mph zones.
  3. A 30mph speed limit in Fangoss cannot be enforced as there are no 30mph signs in place where the limit starts.
  4. The current enforceable speed limit for Fangfoss is 40mph which is the highest in the area.
  5. A 20mph zone requires traffic calming measures (e.g. speed humps, chicanes) or repeater speed limit signing and/or roundel road markings at regular intervals, so that no point within a zone is more than 50m from such a feature. These are absent from the zone in Fangfoss.
  6. A “20mph zone” should be self-enforcing, i.e. the existing conditions of the road together with measures such as traffic calming or signing. To achieve compliance there should be no expectation on the police to provide additional enforcement. As these are absent from the zone in Fangfoss the zone is not self-enforcing.
  7. A “20mph zone” should not include roads where vehicle movement is the primary function. Vehicle movement is the primary function of the Pocklington to Full Sutton road which runs through Fangfoss.
  8. No 20mph zone exists outside either Woldgate College or Pocklington School despite both schools educating more than ten times the number of pupils than Fangfoss School and both being on faster roads than Fangfoss School.
  9. Fangfoss Parish Council did not approve the 20mph zone.

Suggested Way Forward

My suggested way forward is for the immediate removal of the 20mph zone and for the erection of 30mph signs where the limit starts so that the current enforceable limit of 40mph can be reduced to 30mph.

In addition, if there is an issue for school children crossing the road, I support the introduction of a zebra crossing and a lolly pop person.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council The ERYC have a duty to display the correct speed limits for roads in their area including Fangfoss. As ERYC have failed in their duty I have submitted a complaint requesting that the unenforceable 20mph signs are removed and replaced by enforceable 30mph signs.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Fangfoss 20mph Zone – Complaint

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