20mph Zones – East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Regards the Unenforceable Fangfoss 20mph “Speed Limit” I am rather surprised to be hearing on the grapevine that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) still believe that the “20mph zone” in Fangfoss is as per legislation as this is incorrect. This is confirmed by the campaign organisation 20s Plenty For Us.

Fangfoss 20mph Zone

20s Plenty For Us state: “20 mph zones require that no point in the “zone” is further than 50m from a traffic calming feature”

As previously stated these are absent from the “20mph Zone” in Fangfoss.

It is interesting to read 20s Plenty For Us stated disadvantages of 20mph Zones:

  1. Physical measures are uncomfortable even for motor vehicles conforming to speed limits.
  2. Slows down emergency service vehicles
  3. Expensive to implement
  4. Expensive to maintain and re-surface
  5. Can cause noise and vibration
  6. Can result in acceleration between features by drivers seeking to maximise average speed, thereby increasing pollution and emissions.

Suggested Way Forward

My position remains the same:

  • My suggested way forward is for the immediate removal of the “20mph zone” and for the erection of 30mph signs where the limit starts.
  • If there is an issue for school children crossing the road, I support the introduction of a zebra crossing and a lolly pop person.

In addition:

  • I am happy to meet with the ERYC, Humberside Police and Fangfoss residents to discuss this debacle and move the situation forward.
  • I believe that the ERYC have failed in their duty to correctly advise the residents of Fangfoss by installing the “20mph Zone” instead of a zebra crossing.
  • In principle I fully support 20mph speed limits for residential areas.
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