Durness – No Overnight Parking

As there are still illegal No Overnight Parking signs in Durness and the surrounding area I requested their immediate removal. On 25 July 2013 Richard Guest, Head of Roads & Community Works, Highland Council stated: “The remaining signs will be removed when operatives are working in the vicinity but it is not intended to send staff into remote areas just to remove signs when there are no other tasks in the same area.” 

No Overnight Paking

As I believed it to be impossible that operatives had not worked in the vicinity for a year I made a Freedom of Information request for information regards: “Operatives working in the vicinity of Durness”.

After over 60 working days and following the intervention of the Scottish Information Commissioner today I finally received  the following information:

“With regard to your request for information: “Operatives working in the vicinity of Durness”.

The Durness squad consists of FOUR operatives (all LGV drivers); the Foreman for the area is also based in Durness, although he covers the whole area.

We have a JCB and 4×4 Unibody three way tipper based there, over the last three or four months the Durness squad were involved in various jobs between Loch More and Loch Erribol such as, drainage works on Gualin and Strathmore areas; minor repair works to Dionard and Polla Bridges; cutting verge grass from Loch Erribol to Loch Merkland and on to Kylesku Bridge.

The Team were also Scrub cutting from Kempie round to Laid and weed killing throughout the area.

They were involved in repairing a collapsed embankment/culvert along Lochmore side and various other jobs which crop up from day to day such as pothole repairs, verge depressions and similar repair work.”

As this clearly shows operatives have not only worked in the vicinity of Durness but are actually based in Durness I have registered a complaint with the Highland Council for the false information I was given by Mr Guest. In addition I have requested the immediate removal of No Overnight Parking signs from Durness and the surrounding area.

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