Dornoch – Traffic Regulation Order

Under the Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation I made a FOI request for all information held by the Highland Council regards raising a Road Traffic Order to prevent
overnight parking in the Dornoch Beach Car Park on 1 September.

beach car park

On Monday, after over two months of waiting and two days before the Scottish Information Commissioner would have intervened, I received the following from The Highland Council:

“A Road Traffic Order (read Traffic Regulation Order) has not yet been raised for this car park. You will be able to object to the Traffic Order if and when a RTO is raised. A notice will be published in relevant local newspapers giving the public notice of the proposal to make an order and you can lodge an objection at that point.

A draft RTO has not as yet been prepared, so we do not have a copy to forward to you. We also do not have designs prepared for any new signs as yet.”

Make of this what you will!

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