Yorkshire Boundary Sign Project

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Yorkshire Boundary Signs Project.

Having travelled extensively around the UK and seen boundary signs for all manner of places, it saddens me that Yorkshire and the Ridings remain unmarked. Whilst establishing flags for the East Riding, North Riding and West Riding it became apparent that most Yorkshire folk are unaware where the Ridings or indeed the Yorkshire boundary is.Yorkshire  Boundary SignOn 23 April 2013  Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles announced “that the government will seek to encourage the marking and continued use of such traditional county names.” In addition he stated that “he will encourage local residents to continue to champion such local identities, irrespective of current tiers of local administration.”Yorkshire - East - Boundary SignThe Yorkshire Boundary Sign Project intends to take Mr Pickles statement as an invitation to mark the Yorkshire and Ridings boundaries at key crossings. To achieve this I will invite the Civic Leader for each Council, who administer such crossings, to work with me to make the Yorkshire Boundary Sign Project a reality.Yorkshire - North - Boundary SignYorkshire and Ridings Signs

Brown sign legislation permits the marking of a tourist attraction that is fully open to the public. As I believe Yorkshire and the Ridings fulfils this requirement there is no reason that boundary signs for Yorkshire and the Ridings could not become a reality before the Tour De France.Yorkshire - West - Boundary SignBoundary Signs Locations

The Boundary Signs Locations include each Ridings boundary and every external boundary Yorkshire shares with its seven neighbours. Of course these locations can be added to if a council would like to promote their part of the Yorkshire or Ridings boundary more extensively.

Other Counties

Driving around the country, motorists will quickly notice that other counties have boundary signs but not Yorkshire. This is an insult to our cultural heritage. The following are just a selection of county boundary signs from around England.


Of course we are in hard economic times and even if we weren’t the great Yorkshire war cry  would ring out “Ow much”?

Each sign costs approximately £70 to make and up to £500 to make and install. The above 13 signs will cost approximately £6,500. I will ask each Council for their agreement in principle and to submit a costing to erect a sign(s) in their area. As soon as I have these figures I will be able to confirm the total cost.

One way or another I will personally secure the required finance. I would welcome receiving an email info@island-man.co.uk from anyone who is able to assist with the raising of said finance.

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