What A Year

2013 proved a highly successful year in ways I did not expect at the start of the year. My campaigns and projects went from strength. The successes included:

  1. Establishing the East Riding flag.
  2. Having the last Merseyside road sign removed.
  3. Tesco map corrected.
  4. Established the North Riding flag.
  5. Established the West Riding flag.
  6. The Highways Agency agreed that  the East Riding of Yorkshire Council signs on the M18 and M62 breached legislation and would be removed at the earliest opportunity.
  7. Assisted in the creation of British County Flags site.
  8. Removal of illegal Shropshire sign on M54.
  9. Established North Riding Day.
  10. Established West Riding Day.
  11. Prevented the further import of Pastel Blue Yorkshire flags – you will now note that more of the correct Pantone 300 Blue Yorkshire flags can be seen.
  12. Established the County Durham flag.
  13. Facilitated the flying of the North Riding flag from Whitehall on North Riding Day.
  14. Facilitated the flying of the East Riding flag from Whitehall on East Riding Day.
  15. Established County Durham Day.
  16. Launched a campaign against the anti-motorhome policies of Scarborough Borough Council.
  17. Appeared in the Guardians Top Ten World challenges for my challenge to sleep on the 162 Scottish Islands which are 40 hectares or greater in size.
  18. Launched the Yorkshire Boundary Sign Project.
  19. With James Moffat, the designer, I flew the first County Durham flag from Burnhope Seat (the highest point of County Durham).
  20. Had Durness No Overnight Parking signs finally removed.

As a result of the above I built up further media relationships; worked with numerous Councils and Civics and most importantly made many new friends.

My adventures were more limited. I intended visiting the extreme points of the West Riding and North Riding with the respective flags unfortunately this remains only partly complete.

In addition I had intended to walk the original East Riding flag around the East Riding boundary. To date I have only walked approximately 45 miles.

All in all a fantastic year which I dedicate to my wife Ruth.

I look forward to an equally challenging New Year and wish you all a peaceful 2014.

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