Humber Bridge Yorkshire Boundary Sign

After the unveiling of first Yorkshire boundary sign on the morning of August 1st 2014 I will drive to the Humber Bridge to launch my campaign for a Yorkshire sign to be erected at the Humber Bridge.Yorkshire - County - Boundary SignOf course, there should not be the requirement for such a campaign as all Yorkshire local authorities should welcome a Yorkshire boundary sign in the area they administer especially when it will not cost the authority a penny. Disgracefully the East Riding of Yorkshire council (ERYC) do not support a Yorkshire boundary sign and indeed state:

“The presence of the existing “East Riding of Yorkshire” sign for northbound traffic conveys a combined message to traffic that they have reached “Yorkshire” when crossing the bridge and more specifically the “East Riding of Yorkshire”.”

Humber Bridge

It should be note that East Riding of Yorkshire is quoted. The reason is that the area administered by the ERYC is not the East Riding which has existed for over 1,100 years and which has Hull as its only city. ERYC hijacked the East Riding name in 1996 when it replaced the hated North Humberside.

In 2017 Hull will be the City of Culture. Hull is the only city of the East Riding and the main port of Yorkshire. Both the East Riding and Yorkshire are fundamental to the cultural heritage of Hull. To ignore these facts is to ignore Hulls cultural heritage. The very reason for Hull being the 2017 City of Culture is to share its cultural heritage with the world.

Yorkshire - East Riding

Last year the ERYC refused to fly the East Riding flag for East Riding day on August 24 from County Hall even though our flag was flown from Whitehall. Will ERYC fly it this year or will they snub our cultural heritage for a third time?

The ERYC has only existed for 18 years where as Yorkshire has existed for over 1,100. The ERYC insult our cultural heritage by saying the ERYC sign welcomes folk to Yorkshire better than a Yorkshire sign. Does the ego of ERYC make them blind to their shame? Apart from ERYC employees I know of no East Riding folk who are loyal to the ERYC.

Yorkshire flag map

My campaign for a Yorkshire sign at the Humber Bridge starts on Friday 1st August 2014. If we do not have a Yorkshire boundary sign in place by August 1st 2015 resignations will be called for.

Yorkshire folk are loyal to Yorkshire not a council who believes their sign is more important than a Yorkshire sign.

There is nothing more important in Yorkshire than Yorkshire itself.

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