Yorkshire Local Councils Associations Breach Legislation

Yorkshire Local Councils Associations (YCLA) have given false legal advice to “over 500 local councils (parish, community, town councils and parish meetings) throughout North, South and West Yorkshire. The Associations are a federation of three ‘county associations’ which have agreed to work jointly and to deliver their services on a joint basis. Affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils, YLCA works to support councils by giving members legal and technical advice, information and training relevant to their work and generally to support their work and governance.”

The false legal advice given is with regards the recording of town and parish council meetings. An example can be seen below which is used by Filey – The Racist Council .

Filey Council Instructions (2)

Numerous rules stated above breach fundamental legislation.

The result is that advice given by a Government endorsed association has resulted in over 500 councils conducting their meetings unlawful. This is likely to mean any decision taken at those meetings are now unlawful.

Email From Filey Town Council

This scandal has been exposed following my complaint to Filey Town Council.

—– Original Message —–

From: Filey Town Council

To: Andy Strangeway

Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 3:13 PM

Subject: Complaint – Filey Town Council Breach of Recording Legislation

Dear Mr Strangeway

Complaint – Filey Town Council Breach of Recording Legislation

I am writing to advise you that further to our telephone conversation yesterday afternoon I have sought further advice from the Yorkshire Local Councils Association.

YLCA have informed the Town Council that your complaint is worthy of consideration and to that end they will undertake a review of the advice given to Town and Parish Councils.

I now await their response in due course and will inform you of the outcome of their enquiries as soon as it is received.

Kind regards.

Gina Robinson

Town Clerk

Filey Town Council


Tel 01723 514498

Unanswered Question

How can a painter and decorator have more understanding of legislation than a Government endorsed association?


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