For The Benefit Of Others

Last night when I posted UKIP Resignation I was carrying out “housekeeping”. I was humbled by the interest shown.


UKIP Exposed reveals the sad state of affairs within UKIP. I joined and stood for UKIP as I believed they stood for:

  • Anti-corruption
  • Working Class
  • EU Exit

Sadly I was proved wrong on the first two. In Yorkshire, in addition to the disgraceful conduct of the East Yorkshire branch, I am aware of similar conduct in the Hull, Barnsley and Scarborough branches. The working class are always targeted.

We should never forget why we joined UKIP – we believed them to be a vehicle for good. Unfortunately the vehicle did not perform as promised. The vehicle needs to be discarded as it is beyond repair and the passengers need to move on. Of course the corruption within UKIP, like all corruption, should be exposed.

Last night I read of so many awesome people standing up for what they believe. Myself I am a Buddhist who is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi everything we do must always be for the benefit of others.

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