Are ERYC Committing Fraud And Harassment?

A young lady has recently been issued a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice/Parking Ticket) for parking on a yellow line on Union Street, Pocklington.

Union Street

I am the Appointed Agent for the owner of the vehicle who received the PCN. The PCN cannot be issued as the yellow line has variants when none are permitted. These include:

  1. Part of the line painted Apple White and
  2. Breaks in the line.

As these are variants to diagram 1017 the PCN must be withdrawn.

Union Street

As a campaigner I know this to be the law as soon as I look at the yellow line. So why did the Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO/Traffic Warden) not know this? East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) must provide adequate training for all their staff to undertake that which they are employed to do. Clearly the CEO in question has not received such training.

Are ERYC committing fraud and harassment by issuing a parking ticket they know should not be issued?

I await a response from ERYC.

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