Meet Up Location

Our next meeting will be on the night of Saturday 7th November in a “No Motor Caravan” location in the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) area. We will meet up from 15.00 onwards at the A174 lay-by south of Sandsend.


Everyone will be pleased to know that the above signs will not be in place on the A174/Sandsend. Parking from November 1st is free to all including motorhomers.

From there we will drive onto our location for the evening. Those who would like to join us, the more the merrier, please email or phone me.

SBC Please Issue A PCN

SBC will be informed of our parking location but in my opinion they will not issue a PCN as:

  1. There is no PCN Code for a type of vehicle – As there is no PCN Code no PCN can be issued.
  2. No motorhome parking will have a table – As a motorhome is not a motor caravan if it does not contain a table, as per the EU Directive, the restriction does not apply.

Although my opinion is that SBC will not issue a PCN I would welcome them issuing a PCN as this will then allow a legal test case which will be of national importance especially for motorhomers.

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