SBC – Time To Say Sorry

After North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) said sorry to the victims of Jaconelli in the summer I thought Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) would finally do the decent thing and say they are sorry. Sadly the winter is almost upon us and disgracefully SBC remain silent.


There are 50 Councillors on SBC in four groups, plus the Independents:

  • Conservatives – 26
  • Labour – 14
  • UKIP – 5
  • Green – 2
  • Independent – 3

In my opinion I believe some of those still on SBC are complicit in the cover up of Jaconelli.

I am in no doubt that some of those Councillors and Groups are disgusted by the SBC refusal to apologise and would like to offer their apologies to the victims for their trauma and continuing suffering due to past failings of SBC.

I have emailed all 50 Councillors giving them the opportunity to apologise as an individual and also as a group. I will publish all apologies in the coming weeks.

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