Site Records Broken

This site was established in April 2012. Yesterday two site records were broken:

  • Most views in a month (with two days remaining)
  • Most visits in a year (with over two months remaining)

Nottingham Beer Festival

This site his reported some awesome events in my life including:

  • Establishing 5 flags
  • A successful campaign in Lincolnshire for motor homes
  • A successful campaign in North Yorkshire for motor homes
  • Countless further successful campaigns
  • Sleeping on the summits of every county in England and Wales
  • The opening up of my political life

My adventures are my hobby. But my campaigns are always for the benefit of others.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. It is never about what we achieve, it is the manner in which we do it. The most wonderful aspect of the last few years is not what has been achieved it is the friends I have made while we are achieving.

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