Luke Speaks Out For Jaconelli Victims

Although I received 47 read receipts for the emails I sent to the 5o Scarborough Borough Council  Councillors only four had the decency to respond to SBC – Time To Say Sorry.

ConservativesCONSERVATIVES (2)Only Luke Backhouse had the courage and decency to offer the only apology from the ruling Conservative Party of which Jaconelli was a member of. We should all take our hat off to him. Why are the Conservative Party still refusing to apologise? Were some part of the cover up? Are they still covering something up?

Green PartyGREEN (2)The Green Party is the only party of which all their Councillors said sorry. Hopefully this will be remembered at the next election.

Independent “Group”INDEPENDENTS (2)Disgracefully not one Independent apologised.

Labour12204928_10153279911451973_1860765077_n (2)Although only one Labour Councillor said sorry I believe the door may be open for an apology from the full party.

UKIPUKIP (2)UKIP are the largest party on SBC of which no Councillor apologised.

Further Information

For further information please read SBC Councillors Apologise

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