Disabled Harassed By North Yorkshire Police

At around 09.00 on Sunday morning a Hobby Bobby (PCSO) arrived at West Cliff, Whitby.

Whitby ASOP 1115-4373 (2)

PC Hobby Bobby (she refused to give her name) banged on the door of a disabled motorhomer parked lawfully in a disabled parking bay.

PC Hobby Bobby informed me that they had received a call about motorhomers parking in disabled bays and she was investigating. PC Hobby Bobby must consider the following important facts:

  1. Parking does not come under the jurisdiction of the Police.
  2. Parking is a council matter and the attendance of PC Hobby Bobby was a breach of Police powers and a waste of tax payers money.
  3. If parking was a Police issue PC Hobby Bobby should have looked on the windscreen where she will have noticed blue badges on all three motorhomes parked in the disabled bays.
  4. A serving Police Officer must give their name when requested.

Whitby ASOP 1115-4374 (2)

When I challenged PC Hobby Bobby for her harassment of the lady she made a hasty retreat to her van. Two male officers pulled alongside but left immediately without stopping. I suggested to PC Hobby Bobby that parking in a disabled bay and on double yellow lines to harass a disabled pensioner parking lawfully was unacceptable.

Whitby ASOP 1115-4372 (2)

My suggestion that she should apologise to the lady was swiftly declined on account of my recording events.

A friend, who has ears within the walls of North Yorkshire Police, has informed me that the call came in from a certain well-known local Councillor.

Are we still in the dark days of Saville/Jaconelli were North Yorkshire Police are the Councils lackies and have no respect for the law?

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