ERYC PCN Representation

As East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) rejected my informal appeal against the Parking Ticket/Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), which I am the Appointed Agent for, I have now submitted my formal appeal.

Union Street

The following are the grounds for challenging the PCN:

  1. The Notice To Owner (NtO) states: “Do not ignore this notice, either Appeal or Pay the Charge” – This is a demand, an instruction, which is incorrect as there is an alternative. Regardless of the consequences, the NtO can be ignored; you do not have to “Appeal” or “Pay the Charge”.
  2. As number one is a “Procedural Impropriety“, the “Procedural Impropriety” section on Page 3 – The Specified Grounds – are incomplete.
  3. The yellow line is not the prescribed width.
  4. The distance between the yellow line and the kerb is not the prescribed width.
  5. The yellow line was broken – this is not a permitted variant.
  6. Part of the yellow line is apple white – this is not a permitted variant.
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