SBC Employee No Vehicle Insurance

On 22 December 2015 Paul Thompson, Operations, Transport and Countryside Officer, Scarborough Borough Council stated:

Whitby ASOP 1115-4376 (2)

“On the date concerned, the Council operative had been deployed to undertake street scene duties in the area in an appropriate vehicle. Whilst undertaking these duties the operative concerned took a photograph on his personal mobile phone. This photograph was subsequently deleted by the individual concerned.”

As the SBC vehicle is only insured for business use the “Council operative” was in charge of a vehicle on the public highway without insurance. This occurred when he took the photo for his personal use and was using the vehicle for that which it is not insured – personal use.

Letter To SBC

From: ANDY

Sent: Saturday, January 2, 2016 5:57 PM


Subject: Complaint Reference FS-Case-911532

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could I please refer you to

As your “Council operative” was driving without insurance could you please confirm that you have reported your employee to the Police for committing a traffic offence.

If you have not could you please inform me why not?

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

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