February ASOP Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 27 February in a “No Motor Caravan” location in the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) area.

We are announcing our meeting in good time, as we would like to offer the opportunity to SBC to request us to park in a “No Motor Caravan” location, either on-street or off-street, in either Filey, Scarborough or Whitby to make it as easy as possible for them to issue ASOP with a PCN

Unfortunately for SBC they know that they cannot enforce a PCN against ASOP as Andrew Backhouse confirmed to full council on Monday that the existing regulations are flawed and changes need to be made. He is also confirming that the Council cannot currently serve and enforce PCNs against ASOP. A position ASOP has taken for months.

BACKHOUSE_&_SON (2)SBC Decline To Issue ASOP A PCN Because:

  1. We each displayed an ASOP No Contract notice.
  2. The PCN Code 91 relates to a class not a type – A motorhome is not a class it is a type of vehicle.
  3. The signs relate to motor caravans – those attending ASOP meetings have no table and as such, as per the EU Directive, are not motor caravans.
  4. Some ASOP supporters are New Travellers – therefore SBC must deal with them via New Traveller legislation. This means they must firstly give legal notice of 48 hours to 14 days for the New Travellers to vacate their “unauthorised site”. Of course this notice can be ignored.

Email To SBC Councillors

From: Andy Strangeway

Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2016 11:04 AM

To: cllr.andrew.backhouse@scarborough.gov.uk ; Barry.Khan@northyorks.gov.uk ; Lisa.Dixon@scarborough.gov.uk

Cc: Cllr.Alf.Abbott@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.andrew.backhouse@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Andrew.Jenkinson@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.callam.walsh@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.clive.pearson@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.David.Chance@northyorks.gov.uk ; Cllr.David.Jeffels@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.derek.bastiman@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.godfrey.allanson@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Guy.Coulson@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Hazel.Lynskey@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.heather.phillips@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Helen.Mallory@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Jane.Mortimer@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.john.nock@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.luke.backhouse@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Lynn.Bastiman@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Marie.Harland@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Martin.Smith@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Michelle.Donohue-Moncrieff@Scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.phil.trumper@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.roberta.swiers@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.sandra.turner@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Simon.Green@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Tom.Fox@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.dilys.cluer@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.mark.vesey@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Bill.Chatt@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Janet.Jefferson@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.mike.cockerill@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.carl.maw@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.david.billing@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Eric.Broadbent@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.gerald.dennett@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.John.Ritchie@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.John.Warburton@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.liz.colling@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.neil.price@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.paul.cross@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.richard.moody@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.rob.barnett@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.steve.siddons@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.tony.randerson@scarborough.gov.uk ; cllr.vanda.inman@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Norman.Murphy@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Roxanne.Murphy@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.sam.cross@scarborough.gov.uk ; Cllr.Joe.Plant@northyorks.gov.uk ; cllr.jonathan.dodds@scarborough.gov.uk

Subject: February ASOP Meeting

Good Morning Councillor,

Could I please refer you to https://andystrangeway.wordpress.com/2016/01/17/february-asop-meeting/

I politely suggest that the time has come to wave the white handkerchief. Accept that both NYCC and SBC have wasted thousands, since 2009, destroying the local tourism industry when they could have spent the time and finance supporting it.

Of course SBC/NYCC may have found a solution to the four fundamental failings of the “No Motor Caravan” legislation.

ASOP would welcome sight of this or better still we would all welcome a PCN to allow the legal process to begin that will expose the incompetence of NYCC/SBC.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

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