FSSPC – Attempt To Silence

Upon publication of Ministry Of Justice Dishonesty, out of courtesy, I informed my fellow Full Sutton & Skirpenbeck Parish Council (FSSPC) Councillors and proposed that an Extraordinary Meeting is called to discuss the MoJ dishonesty. I was astounded that no-one seconded my proposal, but there was a joint attempt to prevent me from speaking the truth.

FSSPC chose not to discuss the issue raised – MoJ Dishonesty –  but instead they shot the messenger.


Thankfully, although rare in a politician, it is lawful to speak the truth. The activities of my fellow Councillors are not.

One Councillor suggested that our Clerk undertakes activities without mandate of the FSSPC. “We need to have Claire look into all of the allegations beforehand.


So why are the FSSPC attempting to silence me, but believe our Clerk should operate without a mandate?

All over Full Sutton, there are unlawful road signs. The signs are unlawful as they are not contained in the TSRGD or approved by the Secretary of State. This is a fundamental legal requirement for all UK road signs.


I am informed that the source of the road signs is HMP Full Sutton – produced by inmates. HMP Full Sutton actually display these signs at the exit from the prison.

We have clear evidence of:

  1. A FSSPC councillor suggesting our Clerk should act ultra vires.
  2. HMP Full Sutton being a party to the breaching of fundamental legislation.
  3. FSSPC unlawfully erecting road signs.

So why is there an attempt to silence a Councillor who exposes the dishonesty of the MoJ?

I believe I am being bullied.


FSSPC, HMP Full Sutton and MoJ must always conduct themselves lawfully and honestly. I will always stand up against corruption no matter what.


Email To FSSPC

From: ANDY

Sent: Thursday, February 4, 2016 5:55 AM


Subject: Complaint and FOI Request – Unlawful Road Signs

Dear Claire,

Could I please refer you tohttps://fullsuttonandskirpenbeckparishcouncil.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/unlawful-road-signs/

Could I please register a formal complaint against FSSPC for erecting road signs in breach of legislation?

In addition could I please request all communication between HMP Full Sutton and FSSPC with regards “MoJ Dishonesty”?

I am happy for this to be dealt with as business as normal or as per the Freedom of Information Act.

For further information please seehttps://fullsuttonandskirpenbeckparishcouncil.wordpress.com/about/

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

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