My name is Andy Strangeway, a.k.a. Island Man. I was born in 1965, in a small Yorkshire Wolds village; all my forefathers were Wolds’ farm workers.

At the age of 19, I became a self-employed decorator and by the time I was 23, I had begun to travel independently, extensively all over the world.

In September 2003, I embarked upon my adventure to become the first person not only to land but also sleep on all of Scotland’s 162 islands that are 40 hectares and above, firmly believing that the islands would allow me to spend a night with each one of them. This I completed on 29th August 2007 when I left Soay, St. Kilda. As my name Strangeway originates from “strang was“ meaning “a person who lives in a place prone to flooding by strong wash” upon completion Strangeway Bagging was established. A “Strangeway” being, “to sleep overnight on a Scottish island that is 40 hectares and above”. Upon completion I wrote the book Island Man Naive Beginnings 

I am the first known person to:-

  1. 28 August 2007 – Land on all of Scotland’s 162 islands that are 40 hectares and above.
  2. 29 August 2007 – Sleep on all of Scotland’s 162 islands that are 40 hectares and above.
  3. 8 August 2009 – Land the four extreme points of Scotland. (Ben Nevis was added in 2011)
  4. 6 February 2011 – Sleep on the seven extreme points of Yorkshire.
  5. 31 August 2011 – Sleep at the six extreme points of Great Britain, solo, on six consecutive nights.
  6. 2 October 2011 – Sleep on all five of Lancashire’s extreme county points, solo, on five consecutive nights.
  7. 8 March 2012 – Sleep on the summits of the Three Peaks
  8. 22 September 2012 – Sleep on the summits of England’s 39 counties
  9. 23 September 2012 – Sleep on the summits of Wales’s 13 counties
  10. 3 July 2015 – Sleep on all five extreme points of the West Riding

To my knowledge none of the above feats have been repeated. I look forward to meeting anyone who does.


Since 2008 I have campaigned on various issues including access rights, overnight parking and disabled access. My campaigns have included establishing the following flags: