In June 2012 I successfully campaigned to have over 300 unlawful No Overnight Parking signs removed from across the Highlands.

No Overnight Paking

On the back of this success I was asked to advise on two campaigns:

  • Huttoft Car Terrace – Lincolnshire County Council (LCC)
  • No Motor Caravans – Scarborough Borough Council (SBC)

In late 2013 I agreed to both requests at which point the “I” became a “We” as a fantastic group of people formed ASOP. ASOP is a group dedicated to challenging unenforceable Local Government restrictions on motorists.



We successfully challenged LCC over the unenforceable Huttoft Car Terrace Byelaw in Lincoln Crown Court on 31 July 2015.

Lincoln Crown Court 007 (2)

In August 2015 we successfully campaigned against the No Motor Caravan legislation which resulted in places like Royal Albert Drive becoming available for motorhomes to park on overnight.

Royal Albert Drive


We hold regular ASOP meetings

Parking Cards and Windscreen Discs

ASOP Front (2)ASOP Back (2)For further information please read No Contract


ASOP do not accept any responsibility to those who display the parking cards and/or the windscreen discs. We advise everyone to take their own legal advice.

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Donations to support the campaigns are always gratefully received.

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If you would like to attend our meetings, request free cards/stickers or would like to be added to the mailing list please email