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Happy East Riding Day 2015

Happy East Riding Day 2015 from Strangeway Towers. Advertisements

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East Riding Flags Welcome TDY

The Tour De Yorkshire has highlighted the success of two of my campaigns. One person can make a difference. Campaign 1 To prevent the Yorkshire flag being sold in a pastel blue instead of the Pantone 300. The campaign involved … Continue reading

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Happy East Riding Day

Happy East Riding Day! Today our flag is flying from Strangeway Towers and Whitehall but for a second year running not County Hall. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council should hang their head in shame to insult our cultural heritage … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Flags To Fly From Whitehall

I am delighted to announce that two Yorkshire flags will be flying from Whitehall in the next 7 days. The North Riding flag will fly on 22nd August, North Riding Day. On August 24th, East Riding Day, we will see … Continue reading

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East Riding Flag Map

The following map is free to use.

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East Riding Flag Flies Over Strangeway Towers

Although the new flag pole arrived six months ago, it is only today that we have finally erected it and hoisted the East Riding flag from Strangeway Towers for the first time. I live on a multi cultural street with folk … Continue reading

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Wharfe’s Mouth Ness – Most Westerly Point – East Riding

Last night I slept at the most westerly point of the East Riding at Wharfe’s Mouth Ness near Cawood.  What a great place for a night in my bivy bag.

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April 1st 1974

On this date I was a young lad who had gone to bed the previous night in the East Riding and woke up in Humberside or so the powers that be like us to believe. The truth is that the … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Ridings Pin Badges

Pin badges for the Yorkshire Ridings and many British counties can be purchased for £1.95 from Buxton Badges.

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NYCC Support Ridings Signs

I am pleased to announce that Councillor Bateman, Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), has given his support to the Yorkshire Boundary Sign Project. The project involves six signs to mark the Ridings boundaries. All these six signs are … Continue reading

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