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Yorkshire Flag Map

The following is free to use. Advertisements

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New Yorkshire Flag Map

Following on from the registration of the new County Durham flag a new Yorkshire flag map has been produced. This clearly demonstrates Yorkshire’s shared boundaries. The map below is free for public use and is the work of the talented … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Neighbours Flag Map

Seven counties, County Durham, Westmorland, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire are blessed to share a boundary with Yorkshire. Although County Durham is currently the only one of our neighbours without a flag in the coming months this position will change. … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Map

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Yorkshire and Ridings Map

My discussion with Tesco regards their Yorkshire map produced a rather alarming fact – there is no modern Yorkshire map in hard copy. In fact Yorkshire does not even appear on the vast majority of UK maps. The interactive map … Continue reading

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Tesco Updates Yorkshire Map

The following news release from Tesco illiustrates how Yorkshire’s cultural heritage is being eroded yet most Yorkshire folk are unaware of the issue. I applaud Tesco for their actions. Tesco has added a clarification to the Local Sourcing map of … Continue reading

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Tesco Seeks Yorkshire

Since April there has been an ongoing exchange with Tesco with regards their incorrect map of Yorkshire. The map has been displayed in various Yorkshire stores including Clifton Moor, York. Most Yorkshire folk looking at the above map will be aware … Continue reading

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Like A Feral Child: Yorkshire Needs Boundaries

The following article appeared in the Yorkshire Times today: Yorkshire first appears in written records in 1055. In the Anglo-Saxon chronicle in 876AD, the Danish King Healfdene “shared out the Northumbrian lands”. Whether this was in fact the birth of … Continue reading

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Welcome To Yorkshire

The following article appeared in the Yorkshire Times on Tuesday 14 August: All Yorkshire folk are rightly proud of their great Olympians as they gained enough medals to have justified a high place in the league table of nations. Rather amazingly … Continue reading

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Yorkshire’s Cultural Heritage

There has been a lot of press coverage about how “if Yorkshire were a country” at the Olympics but in truth Lancashire topped them I expect the Yorkshire Post will not mention the topic again!! It is rather ironic that … Continue reading

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