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Yorkshire Boundary Sign – Pock Post Letter

I am pleased to see that the Pocklington Post have published my letter in this weeks Pocklington Post with regards erecting a Yorkshire Boundary sign as you leave the Humber Bridge. Email To Stephen —– Original Message —– From: Andy … Continue reading

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UKIP Official Insults Yorkshire Flag

Yesterday I received an email from Colin Hill, Secretary of East Yorkshire UKIP, in which he stated: “Nobody cares about the colour tone of an invented flag Andy. Real flags are what people fight under and die for. They aren’t … Continue reading

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Humber Bridge – Yorkshire Boundary Sign

Over the past two years East Riding of Yorkshire Council have declined my request to erect a Yorkshire Boundary sign on the road as you depart the Humber Bridge despite the fact that I have informed them I would raise the … Continue reading

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Tripoint 5 – Lancashire – Westmorland – Yorkshire

The tripoint of  Lancashire, Westmorland and Yorkshire is marked by the county stone. In the photo below Yorkshire is to the right of the wall (the largest part of course), Westmorland is to the top left and Lancashire the bottom left. … Continue reading

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East Riding Flags Welcome TDY

The Tour De Yorkshire has highlighted the success of two of my campaigns. One person can make a difference. Campaign 1 To prevent the Yorkshire flag being sold in a pastel blue instead of the Pantone 300. The campaign involved … Continue reading

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Unveiling of the First Yorkshire Boundary Sign

This morning I was very proud to unveil the first Yorkshire Boundary sign. After my unveiling speech my wife Ruth sang Symphony for Yorkshire Visiting The Sign The sign is on the A60 Worksop Road a couple of miles south of the village of Tickhill. … Continue reading

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Yorkshire/County Durham Boundary Signs

Over the past week there has been discussion regards Yorkshire boundary signs in the Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council area south of the River Tees.As Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council administers part of Yorkshire and County Durham I believe it appropriate that signs are not … Continue reading

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Historic County Flags Day

Historic County Flags Day is Wednesday 23rd July 2014. A celebration of the nation’s historic counties through the flying of Flags. This date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the creation of the flag of Devon in 2002, … Continue reading

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The Baffling Map of England’s Counties

I am delighted to have contributed to the BBC article The baffling map of England’s counties The quote says it all: “But Strangeway says the counties will linger on in the popular imagination regardless. “No-one is loyal to the people … Continue reading

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April 1st 1974

On this date I was a young lad who had gone to bed the previous night in the East Riding and woke up in Humberside or so the powers that be like us to believe. The truth is that the … Continue reading

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