Yorkshire Boundary Sign Project

On  August 1 2014 I was very proud to unveil the first Yorkshire Boundary sign. Prior to this Yorkshire, the largest county in England, had no boundary sign on its 600 mile boundary.

Unveiling of the First Yorkshire Boundary Sign 1

After my unveiling speech my wife Ruth sang Symphony for Yorkshire


On 23 April 2013  Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles announced “that the government will seek to encourage the marking and continued use of such traditional county names.” In addition he stated that “he will encourage local residents to continue to champion such local identities, irrespective of current tiers of local administration.”

The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP has given his support to the Yorkshire Boundary Sign Project. He stated:

“I’m delighted that the historic county boundaries of the Yorkshire Ridings are being recognised and congratulate Mr Strangeway on his sterling work to promote the counties of England and their distinct identities.

Our pride in our home county runs deep. This sense of pride and shared identity is one of the things that binds communities together. No amount of administrative tinkering with boundaries can change that.”

Yorkshire Map